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Come to ŠARIŠ PARK and celebrate your significant family events in a pleasant atmosphere!. Be it a birthday, baptism, graduation party, first communion or any other family occasion, we can cater to your needs. There are a variety of rooms, a wide range of meals, exclusive decorative designs, accompanying programmes and numerous supplementary options – all these things and more for your satisfaction.

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Decoration for family celebrations

Stylish decoration is a must for a well-organised event as it contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere of such an important occasion. Your choice depends on the sort of event as well as your individual preferences. What we offer is a number of options, including essential and special decoration at an additional cost.

Essential decoration
• coloured serviettes
• candlesticks and candles on the tables
• coloured organza for the tables (subject to current offers)
• main table decoration hire (ikebana – artificial flowers)

Our recommendation: choose chair covers and turn your family event decoration into something extraordinary. Currently, we offer tailored cream-coloured chair covers that will cost you as little as 1.90 EUR each, in addition to matching decorative tie-backs for chairs in the Party tent only for 1.00 EUR each.

Pink decoration
Wedding decoration in the Party tent
Golden decoration in the Chalet


The home-made traditional Slovak and international cuisine at ŠARIŠ PARK comes to your plate in the form of standard daily menus or cold/hot meal buffets.

Our popular specialties include:
150 g Mixed chicken and pork baked with cheese, ham, and asparagus
120 g Segedin goulash with dumplings 160 g
150 g Moravian roasted pork rolls, 200 g sauerkraut, 160 g dumplings
100 g Home-made Šariš brawn
100 g Home-made “šovdra” (marinated smoked ham)

Buffets for family events Buffet tables are ideal for larger family get-togethers or events going on for extended periods of time.

Sample buffet suggestion:

Hot buffet:
• Vegetable borsch
• Traditional mushroom soup (“máčanka”)
• Šariš home-made pierogi (salted/sweet)
• Roast chicken
• Turkey rolls
• Segedin goulash
• Roast potatoes
• Steamed dumplings

Cold buffet:
• Shopska salad
• Tomato salad
• Vegetable garnish
• Cheese platter
• Home-made “šovdra” (marinated smoked ham)
• Home-made brawn
• Home-made sausage
• Bread

For more detailed suggestions, please contact our operator on telephone +421 918 512 731 or email us on prevadzkar@sarispark.sk.
Our full menu listing can be found in our special menu for family and company events (sent to our guests on request).

Meals for illustration:

Appetizer: ham roll filled with horseradish and whipped cream
Appetizer:tomato stuffed with sheep cheese spread
Soup: chicken broth with homemade pasta
Main course: Chicken rolls stuffed, pork medallions with fried bacon and side dish
Zabíjačkové špeciality: Gazdovská misa studená s obložením
Múčne špeciality: Tatarčané pirohy s restovanou cibuľkou

Supplementary services to go with family events

Try some of the following supplementary services to make your family get-together more varied:

  • chocolate fountain hire
  • special fridge for cakes
  • tailored cream-coloured chair covers
  • wedding decoration in our service
  • Outdoor playground hire (a tennis court and lawn)

In relation with our external partners we can provide for you

  • folk music, Djs
  • folk dance group performances
  • cosmetics service in our Relax Center
  • more services on request

Note: Some of the supplementary and sports services listed above are charged according to a separate pricelist.

  • By phone: +42 51 747 04 22 or +421 918 512 731 (daily from 07.00 – 22.00)
  • By e-mail: prevadzkar@sarispark.sk
  • Fill in the contact form below:

    Please, note that bookings are considered confirmed only upon notice of confirmation from ŠARIŠ PARK.

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