Why is ŠARIŠ PARK near Prešov so exceptional?


But did you know that:
- ŠARIŠ PARK has the broadest offer of lunch menu in the region – more than 25 meals daily and 8 soups
- some of the meals are prepared just in SARIS PARK (e.g. gypsy goja or marinated knees served on a wooden tray)
- home-slaughtered specialties (smoked ham – šovdra, brawn, blood sausage, pig-sticking plate) and duck meals are on our menu all year long and even on a daily menu
- all meat meals are prepared from Slovak home-grown meat
- all specialties and pig-sticking smoked products are produced in ŠARIŠ PARK by our family recipes
- English roast beef are on a daily menu and the meat is cooked for 5 hours before serving
- meat products are available for your purchase directly from the place called “sypanec”, where the smoked products mature and dry
- flour meals (home-made gnocchi and pierogi) are not pre-packaged products, but fresh home-made products of our production
- Tatarčane pierogi are produced from home-made (in our kitchen) milled buckwheat flour
- all meals can be packaged for you “to-go” or you can order ready hot or cold trays via our external catering

domáce zemiakové pirohy sladké s maslom a strúhankou
domáce zemiakové pirohy plnené bryndzou so slaninkou, smotanou a cibuľou
chlieb s masťou a cibuľou
Hlavné múčne jedlá: zemiakové plnené šúľance s maslom a strúhankou
studený obložený tanier
bravčové rebrá pečené
varená domáca údená klobása
baraní pečený chrbát a strapačky s kyslou kapustou

Apart from the food, there's more reasons why visit ŠARIŠ PARK:
- we offer complex services – food, accommodation, wellness center, cultural events, sport and additional services
- you do not have to worry about finding a place in Saris Park, our restaurant services are provided in several rooms, such as shepherd's hut, restaurant, small and large private rooms, wine cellar, hut, terrace (open all year long), party tent, chalet
- accommodation is offered in two basic variants – classic guest house and log cabin suites
- ŠARIŠ RELAX CENTER is a unique wellness center in Prešov and its surroundings, where you can find sauna world, cooling pool and relax pool. Our services also include massages, cosmetics, volleyball and tennis court.
- the place is also popular with companies – we organize professional and leisure business events and trainings
- ŠARIŠ PARK is an ideal place for family events (celebrations, parties, birthday, christening, graduation party)
- exceptional place for WEDDINGS (in our restaurant, terrace open all year long or party tent) – another news is a turnkey wedding or a garden party wedding
- we also think of clients with limited mobility and families with children – we are baby friendly
- we have something new every year – children program (playground and trampoline), summer terrace roofing, a new party tent with an optional extra place, mini ZOO and horse stabling
- Wi-Fi available on the premises is a given
- another advantage of ŠARIŠ PARK is its accessibility, close location to cities and easy parking. Parking is suitable for cars and busses
- bus stop after signal (busses no. 14 and 45) is situated directly in front of ŠARIS PARK

celoročná terasa_3
apartmány v dreveniciach_exterier_4
party stan_11

Visit ŠARIŠ PARK and taste real Šariš!
We are open daily from 07.00 to 22.00.