Summer dining in ŠARIŠ PARK

Welcome to Šariš, to ŠARIŠ PARK!

Rich selection of traditional meals prepared by family recipes can be enjoyed every day from early morning until the very evening. Besides that we offer complex services – accommodation, wellness center, cultural events, sport and additional services.

And what you can find in our region?

Šariš is situated in the northern part of eastern Slovakia. Šariš is moderately mountainous and the depressions regularly alternate with mountain ranges.

Apart from being the trademark of popular beer, Šariš is also a historical region replenished with tourist destinations. Historical towns of Prešov, Bardejov (Unesco), and Sabinov and unique technical monuments such as the salt mines in Solivar or the mines of Dubník, which yielded unusually beautiful opals, are its pride.

Šariš is also the place where most of Slovakias old wooden churches are concentrated, it boasts the world famous spa of Bardejov, where, among other prominent guests, Empress Elisabeth nicknamed Sisi experienced the hospitality and excellent service of the locals.

Numerous military monuments here commemorate heavy fighting during the Second World War near the mountain pass Dukla on the border line with Poland.

By the way, the locals speak their typical colourful dialect with charm and naturalness, which contributes to the overall impression of freshness and novelty of this area.

Let us show you the wonders of our region!