Sauna world is built as a folk village; dominant material is wood combined with stone. The atmosphere is built by candles, essential oils and nice relaxing music. Healing effects of regular usage of sauna and relax are proven. Sauna helps relieve stress, brings mental and physical relaxation and helps to gather strength. The reasons for a visit of a sauna are several, but the main are your health and beauty. Are you tempted?

Total capacity of the pool with attractions and the sauna world is 25 guests.


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Sauna world include:

  • Dry Finnish sauna
  • Steam eucalyptus sauna
  • Infrasauna
  • Rest place under starry sky
  • Cooling pool
  • Ice bucket
  • Water fountain – „Spring of thirsty friar“

Dry Finnish sauna will help to move your skeletal and muscular system. Its effects and subsequent cooling affects your immune system. Sauna will help your body to get rid of harmful substances, which has a positive impact on skin and organs of the human body.

  • Temperature in the Finnish sauna ranges from 80 – 100°C. – Number of guests: 8.

Steam eucalyptus sauna will help you breath. This sauna is a high humidity one, up to 99% with a temperature of 47 – 55°C. It is used in herbal variations (e.g. eucalyptus), which is beneficial for muscles and motion. Steam sauna will boost your immune system, regenerate your skin and creates increased amount of oxygen and nutrients for your cells; it also relieves mental and physical stress. Herbal smell will help your breathing apparatus.

  • Recommended time: 15 – 20 minutes. – Number of guests: 6.

Infrasauna vwill make you warm and clear your organism in depth. Infrasauna decreases muscle stress and pain, improves blood flow; helps cardiovascular system and blood circulation, boosts immune system, decreases blood pressure, burns calories, releases toxins from the body. This sauna also helps with the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis, relaxes body. The temperature ranges from 45° to 55°C.

  • Recommended time: 5 – 15 minutes. – Number of guests: 3.

Rest place under starry sky will guarantee an undisturbed relax. Your organism will enjoy rest and relax in the rest place, where you will feel as if you are lying in a grass field under the night sky.

  • Number of guests: 3.

Cooling pool – ice lake will freeze your body, but in a pleasant way! After sauna overheating, find a cooling feeling in the cooling pool with water temperature of 8° – 12°C, which will stabilize your blood circulation. Cold water boosts immune system and cooling will improve blood circulation.

  • Recommended time: as long as comfortable

Ice bucket – Finnish bucket will cool down your body with ice cold water. Ice bucket is for those, who feel more comfortable without experiencing the ice lake. A flow of ice water of 12°C will make your body and spirit feel refreshed.

Water fountain – A spring of thirsty friar will help you hydrate. Water fountain serves to make you feel refreshed, hydrated and balanced. It is necessary to drink water after using sauna.

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