Professional events

We will host any of your events in style and you are welcome to rent our premises for private company events. ŠARIŠ PARK is available for you and provides full conference equipment (projector, a projection screen, a flipchart) and internet access for your convenience. Maximum capacity of ŠARIŠ PARK is 500 guests (chairs).



  • The Chalet is a free-standing two-storey building with the traditional exterior of a rural cottage and a cosy wooden interior design. It includes a fireplace, a separate kitchen, and a couple of toilets. It houses up to 50 persons (25+25).


  • Room for up to 20 guests provides perfect place for private company trainings or co-working activities.


  • The Wine Cellar is an attractive room with a separate entrance and a pleasant stonework interior design. It includes a wine archive, an indoor fireplace, a separate kitchen, and a couple of toilets. It houses up to 26 persons.


  • The two Private rooms are part of the ŠARIŠ PARK complex. The Large Private room with a capacity of up to 26 persons and the Small Private Room with a capacity of up to 12 persons provide a pleasant atmosphere for company events. If need be, they can be joined with the Restaurant to provide room for larger happenings. Each of the Private Rooms includes an interior fireplace.


  • Room for up to 80 persons (the Restaurant, the Small Private room and the Large Private room joined together).


  • The Summer Garden (a party marquee) is the latest addition to our facilities, providing room for up to 150 persons. The room is suitable for various presentations organised for the general public, sales representatives, business partners, or a variety of workshops.

If necessary, you can ask our staff to show you around and book a room of your choice at very reasonable prices.

the Training Room
the Restaurant
the Chalet
the Chalet
the Large Private room
the Wine cellar


Make a presentation for your employees, potential clients, business representatives or partners. ŠARIŠ PARK offers the perfect opportunity for such a company event.

Company events can be arranged in the following ways:

If you are interested, contact us to get an exact quote for any special company event that meets your particular company’s requ­irements. Please, contact us by phone, email or request form and let us know what your special needs are.

Note: Please, note that bookings are considered confirmed only upon notice of confirmation from ŠARIŠ PARK.

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