Food specialties


ŠARIŠ PARK has been known for its gastronomic home-made specialties and traditional recipes for more than 10 years! Either meals of meat or flour, the selection and variety will certainly delight even the biggest fans of the Slovak cuisine. Did you know more than two hundred guests enjoy our pierogi or gnocchi every day?

Specialties of Šariš Park include:

  • Duck can be found on our menu all year long. Try our stuffed duck leg, roasted duck with lokshe and red cabbage or duck breast with burgundy sauce and Carlsbad dumplings. You will certainly enjoy it!
  • Ram, such as Ram goulash with dumplings or Ram leg roulade with Slovak pasta and sauerkraut are not that common; but you can always find them in ŠARIŠ PARK.
  • Original „Zabíjačka“ home-slaughtered pork specialties are regulars on our menu. Some of the most popular meals are special soup “Rajcupa”, blood sausage mash, Šariš aspic „pork jelly“, home-made šovdra (marinated smoked ham), brawn or home-made sausages and knackwursts, the production of which do not include any artificial conservatives.
  • Roasted pork knees served on a traditional wooden tray with a rich side of chilies can be ready for you in just 30 minutes once you order.
  • Roasted pig is especially popular with family and business events. It looks nice on a wooden tray and tastes even better. It is a nice decoration and enrichment of every event; even a wedding party if you wish so.
  • Boiled vegetables, mash and „manly meals“ made of innards are on our daily menu as well. You can enjoy them in our shepherd´s hut, restaurant, ŠARIŠ PARK´s terrace. Enjoy a nice boiled potato mash with a forcemeat balls or pork heart prepared on cream served with boiled dumplings.
  • We are unique also due to extraordinary recipes, which we use to prepare our meals, e.g. our English roast beef – recipe belongs to our chef and a top tip is the meal cooks for 5 hours.
  • Finger food trays with meat specialties or without meat; hot or cold variant. A good finger food tray includes home-made smoked ham (šovdra), home-made sausage, good old bacon, blood sausage mash or gypsy goja and brawn. All sided with vegetables, cheese and olives. The tray can be ordered with our external catering or you can enjoy it during an event directly in ŠARIŠ PARK. The trays are quite popular as midnight snacks during wedding parties. There are many variations as well as the occasions!
Duck breasts with burgundy sauce and homemade potato flat bread
Ram leg roulade, homemade Slovak pasta with sauerkraut
Šariš aspic 'pork jelly'
Roasted pork knee with vegetable garnish
'Zabijačka'  - Pork meat plate, sauerkraut and boiled potatoes
Roasted pork meat with mashed potatoes, beans and carrot salad
English Roast Beef
Roasted piglet
'Šovdra' - Homemade smoked ham
  • Slovak home-made flour specialties are never prepared from pre-packed products, but always fresh and produced in our kitchen per our family recipes. Let's try our Šariš gnocchi „halušky“ with sheep cheese and topped with fried bacon or we can offer you home-made potato pierogi filled with sheep cheese, fried bacon cream and onion on top. If you like some sweet, we have home-made sweet pierogi filled with curd or jam and topped with butter and breadcrumbs.
  • We also offer very special Tatarčane pierogi which are produced from home-made (in our kitchen) milled buckwheat flour.
Homemade 'Tatarčené pierogi' filled with sheep cheese and fried onion
Homemade sweet potato pierogi with butter and breadcrumbs on top
Šariš gnocchi 'halušky' with sheep cheese , topped with fried bacon

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(minimum 1 day in advance)