Family events

Families are welcome in ŠARIŠ PARK! We offer variety and variability: an option to organize family events of various types. Either a smaller private event with one of our stylish places, wedding dinner or a more complicated, several-day event with a rich menu, cultural program, accommodation and wellness services – ŠARIŠ PARK is here for you!



We have years of experience and hundreds of successful wedding dinner parties. We will cater for a smaller wedding dinners as well as for big celebrations up to 150 guests.


Family parties

Anniversaries, graduation parties, christenings, funeral reception, confirmation or children party – all prepared according to your wishes. We will gladly prepare and decorate the place as you wish.


We are baby friendly

Children are welcome in restaurants, guest house and in the relax center. We have it all – from the changing corner, baby chairs and children beds to outside children playground.

There is a wide variety of places for family events in Šariš Park (see below). The total capacity of ŠARIŠ PARK is up to 500 places (chairs). An approximate price for renting a place ranges from 6 to 35€ per hour. V prípade záujmu si môžete stiahnuť kompletný cenník v pdf.

Premises available for your family celebration:

Private Rooms

  • The Small Private room (up to 12 persons) – adjacent to the Restaurant, this small room ensures privacy; there is also a fireplace.
  • The Large Private room (up to 26 persons) – a cosy private room with a fireplace that can be joined with the Restaurant. There is also a back door, which also serves for guests with physical disability.
The Small Private room
The Large Private room


The Restaurant (up to 64 persons) – is a pleasant room with a fireplace and 2 entrance doors that can be joined with our two Private Rooms. If you want a bigger space or dance floor it can be joined also with the Terrace for 140 guests. Decorated with photographs by folk author Ján Lazorík.
the Restaurant
the Restaurant + the Terrace
Wedding in the Restaurant

Wine cellar

The Wine cellar (up to 26 persons) – is an underground private room built in a woodwork and stonework design. There is a separate entrance door, a couple of lavatories, and a fireplace.

the Wine cellar
Underground private room


The Chalet (30 guests downstairs + 20 guests upstairs) – is a free-standing, two-storey structure built in the traditional folk interior design. The interior is dominated by wooden furniture and equipment, a fireplace, and the mascot of ŠARIŠ PARK – the Thirsty Monk. The Chalet has a lavatory, a kitchen and an entrance door of its own.

Exterior of the Chalet
Interior of the Chalet

Party tent

Party tent is located outside, on the right from the main building of ŠARIŠ PARK and its capacity is 150 guests, which makes it suitable for bigger family parties or folk style weddings, including a heating option. Party tent is available in summer – usually from May 1st until September 30th. The tent includes bar counter, private toilet and storage room.

Exterior of the Party tent
Interior of the Party tent

Barn house

The Barn House (up to 20/30 persons) – is an ideal place for barbeques, goulash parties, and family get-togethers. It is recommended that you combine the roofed area of the Backyard with the wooden benches outside it.
Wooden benches
Barbeques and goulash parties


The Terrace (up to 100 guests) – is thermally insulated with a roof so it can be open all year long. Together with the Restaurant and the two Private rooms, the total capacity is up to 150 persons.

the Terrace
Wedding party

Feel free to see more pictures on our premises


Special recommendation: It is recommended that you make your booking well in advance when planning more demanding events or organising events on popular dates. Secure your family event by making a symbolic deposit.

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